Dramalı  Flour  Co. has one of the leading enterprises of  Turkish Miller Trade sector since 1988.

While production was made in the factory with daily 120 tones capacity in the year 1988 when it was established.  Dramalı Flour has a strong place in Turkish luxury flour market with its standard quality and in january 2006 all units of the factory are equipped with the Turkish leading machine factories. All the processes from wheat processing to flour packing are automated. Dramalı Flour has a large research&development laboratories has faciliated the development of new techniques in the production of sweet pastry, cooked ground beef, phyllo and luxury bread flour.

Dramalı Flour has 10.000 tones wheat storage silos in the factory area. The company employes 40 people and create employment opportunities form many others. Its products reach consumers and wholesalers in south Marmara, Ege and Akdeniz  region.

Dramalı Flour products are widely used by Turkish bakeries, pastries, luxury flour producers to create delicious products and in the supermarkets. The food industry prefer Dramalı flour for  the production of  bread, pastry products and luxury flour products.